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Subjective Perspective


The difference between an eventful and uneventful day is subjective, and depends on perspective. I went in to the office (a rare occasion) to interview a new technician, then enjoyed the spring air on the drive back. When I got home I killed about two hours trying to snag a GPU during the Best Buy drop. I didn’t get one but learned a lot and felt like I was a part of something exciting. Even digitally, energy flows outward.

The day carried on and I got what I needed to done for work. As work was wrapping up for the day a coworker (1) called and we ended up taking for about an hour and a half. We’re both a little upset at another coworker (2) because they keep shooting themselves in the foot and blaming others. It’s not unbearable but I unfortunately had to do that professional distance thing where I only talk to them (2) for and about work stuff. We (1) got a lot off our chest and it was nice to chat.

Amelia helped me end the call by saying “I’m bored” over and over so I said goodbye, we packed up, and went out. I went to meander through another Best Buy to see if they had any physical GPU’s, but alas. It was nice to walk with Amelia. From there we went and waited for Marie to get off work, surprised her with food, then went home and chilled.

I got some alcohol seltzer, drank half of one, and then proceeded to puke my guts up about 30 minutes later. That was an interesting way to end the day. I suppose every end is interesting depending on your perspective.

Love you mom, dad, sis, Amelia, Marie, kitty


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