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My good friend Cam reached out yesterday to schedule some game time together. We played and talked for about two hours last night and it was awesome to hear from her.

She helped read through my script to make sure it sounded good, and I found out yesterday that she’s actually part of the full cast that will stage and produce the show. I don’t know what part she’ll play but I love knowing that something so personal and close-knit remains that way.

She’s a terrific performer. We met in college, freshman year. We were both helping some film students film a scene from Seinfeld and we had to pretend we were driving a car. In the moment it was silly but it opened up the beginning to a life-long friendship.

I remember walking past the library toward the theatre arts building and seeing her on the other sidewalk toward the library and I took a chance and yelled out hello. It’s that feeling you get when you know someone, and you know they know you, but you’re not sure if they want to know you. However, it apparently worked out for the best since she’s one of my closest friends.

She was actually my roommate junior year. I find her absolutely lovely and know that she’ll be a keystone in my life for many many years. I produced a couple theatre festivals while I was in school, and during one I acted with her and we shared one single kiss. I can’t say I felt anything other than silly for doing a (probably) very bad Russian accent. Fun memories. I hope she’s well and has a good life ahead of her.

Love you Cam, mom, dad, sis, Amelia, Marie, kitty


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