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Process vs. Outcome


This post was originally going to be about how to approach Sunday’s but I don’t think it matters. I got some chores done, started making more candles, wrote a bit, and then enjoyed it for what it could be.

Marie took Amelia on a bike ride around the complex and I made hamburgers while they were away. From there we ate, they went to the store, and I enjoyed a little bit of free time. In the evening I played some games and watched some videos.

The story I’m working on is one from the archives. It was a piece I started writing 1-2 years ago and am revisiting now to flesh out for submissions. I like that process a lot.

My new goal is to try and actually get a morning ritual going where I wake up more than 5 minutes before starting to work. That way I can stretch, get ready, and start working immediately so there is a little more time for rest in between. My hope is to get my ritual down so I can get my morning paperwork done and (hopefully) take about 30 minutes in the late morning when work is slow to get some creative writing done.

Lately I’ve been embodying the “day-by-day” creed wherein I take a small step each day to reach a goal, rather than feel disappointed when I don’t achieve it overnight. Realistically though, it’s still the overnight way with expectations modified and goals minimized. An outcome derived from a process, rather than a process being defined by its outcome.

Love you kitty, Amelia,


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