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Well Rounded


Marie’s candles smell really good. She did great making them because the color is excellent, too. I’ve gone ahead and started looking for our label templates to try and get some printed off here soon so we can get our Etsy shop back to life.

To be quite honest we never got it off it’s feet so it’s not like there’s much to bring back to life. I think it’ll be a neat process.

We started making candles back toward the end of college when we found out Marie was pregnant. It was a fun hobby to get into, and beyond that the aromatherapy helped with Marie’s queasiness. Too, it’s always fun to pick up a new skill.

I don’t know. In the beginning I got really particular about how they should be made and the process to follow because I can get kind of anal, and I think that pushed Marie away from the whole process. But she’s been feeling down lately because she hates her job and feels like she’s never at home (among other things) so I suggested she find a hoppy that she enjoyed.

She got the candle stuff out, I reviewed the process with her, then made myself let her do it and they turned out great. I told some coworkers about it and they showed interest in buying whenever they’re ready, but even then the process is more important than the money. I’m glad we have something beyond work that we can do for ourselves. It makes me feel well rounded.

Love these fragrances!


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