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Marie’s parents gave us an old, blue, Hyundai Accent about a year or so ago so that way we would have more than one car. When we were driving to their house Christmas Eve 2019 the front left tire burst and messed up the bumper. From then on we haven’t really driven it much. Marie finally convinced her parents to take it back after it failed a smog test. We’re trying to save up for a new car and don’t want to keep dumping money into this one. They took it back begrudgingly, but only because Marie took her ground.

They’re the type of people to always come up with hypotheticals. They worry if there’s an emergency what I’ll do since Marie takes the car to work on weekdays. I’ll just Lyft to the hospital if I really need to. We’re only about 5-10 minutes away. Beyond that we just don’t want it. I know it’s a luxury to have a car, let alone two, but one serves us fine, and we are wanting to move in our own direction.

Beyond that they always bring up these hypotheticals so, in the future if something bad does happen, they can say “I told you so.” It can be tedious, but I know it comes from a place of caring. The frustrating part, however, is that they will never ever listen to us the first time. So when we bring it up later they always go “why didn’t you tell us before,” and shirk the blame of listening and communicating back to us.

Marie’s mom has finally agreed to take medication for her moods and I think it’s helping. It’s just that sometimes their personalities are strong and they seem so resistant to change that it can be grating. Oh well. I choose to love Marie and her family is part of that decision, I suppose.



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