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Gutted Hours


After I finished paperwork I just kind of fucked around the rest of the morning. I played toys with Amelia then played some video games. After that we ate lunch and she went down for her nap. Marie went and signed paperwork because she got a new job. It was rather fortunate as her current job gutted her hours.

They said it’s because corporate says they have to give less hours out, but they also just hired five new people. We think her hours got gutted because she gets paid $15/hr and they definitely hired the new workers at minimum wage. They’re essentially pushing out all the employees who came in with the ability to push for their rights because they got hired during the initial COVID crisis.

I think it’s nefarious. Marie has been there about nine months by now. She pushed for her current wage because she was moving from a $14/hr position. She liked her old job but it went bankrupt. They treat her like an employee but deep down we know they’re edging her out so they can rationalize paying people the legal bare minimum while charging exorbitant amounts for clothes.

In the end she was ready to leave. It’ll be nice because she’ll have more consistent hours. It’ll help us pay for childcare which we will need quite soon. My boss is pushing me to come back to work, and even then Amelia is getting old enough that she needs the stimulation. Beyond that, I can’t work full time and entertain her all day every day. Marie’s inconsistent schedule helps break it up but Amelia is getting stir crazy. I sent a preschool application out but she’s only three so she’s low precedent.

Either way I am happy and my family is too. I am grateful for our safety and live assured knowing I am helping change my community every day.

Love you mom, dad, sis, Marie, Amelia, kitty


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