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Milk Tooth


Worked from home which just proves me going into the office is all politics and no professionalism. It was a really easy Friday so no complaints from me. I just find it a little frustrating. I’ve already preached this to the choir so I’ll leave it as is. Oh! Just remembered the actual shit from Friday:

Was brushing Amelia’s teeth in the morning when I noticed one of her back molars was chipped. At first I thought I saw a big black spot and then when I looked closer it was actually a bubble covering the fact that part of her tooth was missing!

Marie and I kept our cool really good all day. We dropped Amelia off at school because she wasn’t hurting and still wanted to go. We think she hit her face when she fell the other day on the blacktop. Marie called her insurance to find out her dentist to get Amelia in, only the one on her card said they wouldn’t have any availability until the 24th even though it was an emergency.

Since Marie and Amelia are on different insurance than me it was Marie’s hard work that paid off. She found a new dental provider and they saw Amelia immediately.

It is with great shame that I relay what the dentist told Marie: Amelia’s tooth likely cracked when she fell because of sugar bugs. That’s right. My daughter has some cavities. And it is our fault. I admit we got a little off track and would only brush her teeth at night. And the sweets! All of us love to give her the sugar.

Marie and I are taking this as a learning opportunity. If we didn’t I would be concerned. At least we only fucked up one milk tooth.



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