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To me there are few things as blissful as waking up next to my family dozing in bed with me. Amelia occasionally comes to sleep in our bed because she’ll wake up in the middle of the night and get scared. Marie and I co-slept with her when she was very small and over the last few years Amelia has started to break the habit.

She’s getting bigger which means there’s less room for her, (and us, by extension), but she’s a little love bug and I know she’ll be too big one day or another. It doesn’t scare me, but knowing that your precious love will grow with and without you is a bittersweet realization.

I never really slept in my parents’ bed. I remember wanting to, but they were a bit more particular. Too, they were about 13 years older when I was born than I was when Amelia was born, if that makes sense. My mom had be at 35 and Marie had Amelia at 22. All perspective.

In the end I’ll never mind Amelia sleeping in our bed with us so long as she doesn’t kick me out of it, doesn’t steal my blankets, and continues to be my eternal sweet love. She’s been good so far, but kids are rascals, and they’re clever, too. One day she’ll be big enough and smart enough to move beyond some things I have to offer, and even then I’ll still have unlimited time for her.

I hope she forever remains my little kid, regardless of where, who, or what she wants to be.

Love you Amelia, mom, dad, sis, kitty, Marie


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