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Early Mornings


Trying harder to wake up earlier so I can be a bit more active in the morning. My hope is to be up in time to get most of my morning responsibilities done before Amelia wakes up. Have been wanting to use my daytimes with her a bit more to encourage her infinite growth. She is amazingly smart and I don’t want to be an impediment on her journey. There is also a simple serendipity in the morning.

When I was younger early mornings became a begrudging routine since I had school quite early. Now it’s an opportunity to start the day as it starts itself, and working in tandem like that is a good way to motivate myself to more. It might mean I can’t stay up as late, but I suppose that’s to be expected.

My home life has been quite stable lately which I appreciate immensely. For a time—with Marie’s school schedule and the relative danger of our old apartment complex—there wasn’t much time out of the house. Since things have balanced I finally have the resources and time to start investing in the community like I want.

That’s not to say I haven’t been doing that. My other volunteer options have been relatively remote (transcribing students who don’t have access to computers writing pieces into digital format). But now that there is a consistency in my schedule I am able to commit to outside organizations working toward abolition, and stemming poverty and homelessness.

I am lucky and grateful for what I have and feel it is time I finally give back. It is such a high level of privilege to decide to give back after years of receiving. The best time to start was yesterday, but the next best time is today.



2 thoughts on “Early Mornings

  1. I too am trying to turn to the mornings to get my own things done before the events of the day take my attention. It’s hard though. Waking up alone is hard, and then my morning routine, which includes exercise, is much tougher to get into. But I never regret sticking to my plan, so that’s my only motivation for doing what I need to do, lol. Wishing the same for you!

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    1. I feel you. It can be so hard to re-write your own narrative and get out of habits, especially during quarantine. Each day I push myself to wake up a few minutes earlier. It’s not an overnight solution but we’ll get there eventually!


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