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Fishing Line

3/3/20 Tonight is actually the first night that I am just typing up my diary post instead of writing it, then typing it, then carving it into stone, then remembering it verbatim, then chanting it to myself as I list away into an incandescent plane of dreams and terrors. It’s a little odd. There’s somethingContinue reading “Fishing Line”

Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease

2/25/20 I left work early today. Marie skipped her first class to take Amelia to the doctor’s. Our plan was to meet at home before her 1:30pm class. I left work around 12:20 & by the time I got home Marie was given a note excusing her from the rest of her classes this week.Continue reading “Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease”

Kid Jokes

2/11/20 I told jokes again. It went well. I used the same set from last week, but rearranged it a little to change the flow. The audience responded well to it, which is always nice. It’s very satisfying when the audience trusts you because you can trust them, too.

My Candle Flickers

2/4/20 Tonight I write by candlelight. The flickering light is kind of fucking with my eyes, but there’s a sense of wonder. Each line, my pen recedes from the glow only to slowly, gracefully dance toward it. The light swallows my words. In the end they will burn as the wick, curling in slow, singedContinue reading “My Candle Flickers”


1/21/20 Amelia & Marie woke up with me this morning. It was the earliest I’ve gotten up in weeks. I was late to work again but that’s because I dropped Amelia off at school. She is older so she got to go to a new class. Marie’s face/tooth did not hurt as much today. ThatContinue reading “1-21-20”