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1-16-21 I’m writing this one in the dark in bed, at a point so late that time doesn’t even matter. I’m lucky enough to have a job that I work Monday through Friday so that means I wring every minute out of the weekend I can because I’ll sleep when I’m dead.


1-11-21 I think this time around I’m going to set more realistic expectations. Last time I did this it was my first time doing a daily activity. Daily posts are a lot of work and when I started out I had expectations that I wanted to fill, but as I did it started to feelContinue reading “Expectations”


1-10-21 To be frank I am not sure where to start. I tried to begin a daily journal last year around this time and kept on it pretty steadily until the whole world dissolved to a pandemic. Odd, isn’t it? I was writing strong everyday and then Marie went to Arizona for a dance conferenceContinue reading “$107”